Monday, 24 July 2017

Food Dispensing Machine

A food dispensing machine manufacturer in Singapore is seeking for buyers of its food dispensing machine. Buyers can customise and rebrand the machine to their own requirements and brand.

Hot Food Chain Concept

  • Quality Food Supplied by Central Restaurant
  • Properly boxed and sealed with date\time stamped to ensure food quality
  • Hot food logistic handling maintain food temperature along the delivery


  • Constant temperature within 60-70 degree range
  • First-In-First-Out dispensing (FIFO)
  • Expired hot food over shelf life will not be dispensed
  • UV light screening of food box before dispensing
  • Only need 13A Power Supply

Interested F&B business owners may contact P&G Business Consulting for more information. P&G Business Consulting can also assist you in market research and investment appraisals to assess the profitability of the business venture.

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