Tuesday, 28 March 2017

Selling A Business

“Business opportunities are like buses: 
there’s always another one coming.”

Planning to migrate and wish to sell your business? 
Or wish to sell your business for other investments? 

Whatever the reasons, some benefits of selling your business include:

  • Structuring a deal that transfers your business to new owners and generates liquidity for you, but allows you to remain involved in the business if you so choose.
  • Taking advantage of opportunities. It may be the right time to sell your business at the highest possible price. The overall economy and trends in your specific industry may create high demand and attract many potential buyers—but that could change over time.
  • Diversifying your personal finances. If the equity in your business represents your most valuable asset, selling it allows you to turn some or all of those assets into more liquid and more diversified investments. 

P&G Business Consulting will be able to assist you in business valuation and source for a buyer. We will assist you to negotiate with the buyer for the best selling price. Contact us to book an appointment.


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